Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your IAQ in the Cold Months

September 29, 2020

Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your IAQ in the Cold Months

Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your IAQ in the Cold Months

The wind will get colder as December gets closer. And, here you are, finding ways to increase your IAQ to prepare for the harsher and chilly temperatures. Of course, everyone wants the best comfort for their own families. That’s why we compiled the best ways how you can do it. Keep reading!

Upgrade Your Filters

Get a consultation from the HVAC pros to help you determine if it is probable and cost-effective to swap to filters with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) or filtration efficiency rating. With a higher quality filter, you’ll increase the capture capacity of submicron particles, which is the source of most health problems.

Control Your IAQ

You can use cleaning solutions to eliminate other indoor air pollution sources to boost your indoor air quality. For example, you can reduce gas emissions from aging equipment by implementing proper maintenance or upgrading to a new system.

Get an Air Purifier

Using air purifiers is helpful to eliminate particulates and odors inside your home. Advanced technology enables new air purifiers to kill small pathogens like viruses, bacteria, pollen, animal dander, smoke, and other pollutants.

Some can also purify the air several times every hour. It is an effective way to keep the indoor air cleaner during the cold season. Also, keep in mind that it must have the proper capacity to handle its job. It depends on some factors like pollutant levels, room size, and sensitivity.

Install Energy-Recovery Ventilators

These systems are also known as air-heat exchangers that bring adequate fresh air into a building to maintain a healthy environment. They remove the stale, dirty indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air. The fresh air is heated with energy recovered from the system’s operation.

Increase Humidity

Polluted indoor air is not the only cause of discomfort or illness. Immense dryness in the winter air adds up, too. With Fan-powered humidifiers, moisture vapor will be blown directly into the heating ducts to increase the air’s moisture content. It can also help the people living in the building breathe more comfortably and prevent throats and nasal passages from drying. You can also control dust mites, mold, and mildew by adding the right amount of humidity into the air.

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