Warning Signs Your A/C Needs Help

May 6, 2020

Warning Signs Your A/C Needs Help

Warning Signs Your A/C Needs Help

The weather in Hamilton Township, NJ area is warming up. However, if your air conditioner can’t keep you comfortable, then it turns out it needs help.

Here are the warning signs your A/C needs repair:

It is making loud & strange sounds

If you start hearing weird noises such as squealing or gurgling, which your unit has never made before, then it could mean the internal belt is misaligned. These loud and odd sounds are not part of its operation. This can also indicate a serious problem such as damaged components or a defective fan motor. 

Your home is not getting cool

Your A/C’s job is to provide cooling in your indoor space, but if your home isn’t getting cooler, apparently something’s wrong. A few reasons why your A/C is struggling to produce cool air include clogged and dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, leaky ducts, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Contact your local contractor to inspect your system and provide you reliable solutions.

Water is leaking from your A/C

Have you noticed a damp spot or water puddle around your A/C? It’s a sign that ice is forming inside your unit. A drain failure or refrigerant leak could cause this issue. Either culprit can pose health and safety hazards to you and your family. Don’t ignore this problem and call the pros immediately for an expert air conditioning service. 

Your electric bill is way too high

Even if your cooling system is considered as an energy hog, it shouldn’t cause your energy bill to snowball dramatically. However, if your A/C is not working efficiently, it’s a sign that there are few issues at play. Compare your monthly bills and see if there’s a steady upward trend in your utility costs. You may have a failing unit, and it may be time to replace your old air conditioner.

It produces a strong, foul smell

Unpleasant odors coming from your A/C can be caused by electrical issues or mold contamination. Be sure to check and keep your filters, air ducts, and condenser clean and free from any obstruction. This way, you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort while preventing any illness within your family members.

High-Quality A/C Repair in Hamilton Township, NJ

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